Digital collages commissioned by NUKE MAGAZINE, Paris-FRANCE & THE PRINT MAGAZINE, Montréal, CANADA, for their TRANSITION Issue

"Feminist artist and performer Coco Dolle is the coolest mom out there. After being established for over 20 years in France, where she graduated from the Academy of Arts, she headed to New York, where she’s been living ever since, taking her art global. Fervent believer in women’s empowerment and their rights, she is a committed feminist and the head of numerous associations such as Milk and Night, a curatorial concept exploring intergenerational feminisms, as well as leading a dance group inspired by the iconic Amazon Warriors. Collective Legacy Fatale was founded by Coco in 2008 fusing feminism, performance, leadership, fashion, pop culture & mythology. None to say it hit NYC like a storm. She expresses her convictions through an array of artistic mediums such as painting, dancing, singing, and creating collages, like she did here specifically for us. Coco created these exclusive moodboards for The Fine Print as transition pieces to the following editorial under the themes of Golden Ages and Intergenerational." Editorial THE FINE PRINT



Digital Collages / Dye Sublimation

Limited edition

Series of digital collage inspired by the famous medieval poet Pierre de Ronsard, "Mignonne allons voir si la Rose" , Paris 1545.

Evoking of the evanescence of youth, these digital collages bring my muses, my friends and my visual environment and inspirations together in poetical mannerism.



Photography inspired by my close-knit community of friends and artists photographed at my loft studio in the East Village, 525 East 5th Street,NYC.

Archival inkjet prints, limited editions.