Christoph Klauke - The 28 Faces of Corinne Dolle

German photographer Christoph Klauke had this very old black chamber camera that looked like it was coming from the birth of photography. With its cape and accordion-like shape, this became my daily 'rendez-vous' for 28 days. Perched on top of a Union Square studio overlooking the Empire State Building, Christoph and I documented the emotional content of my psyche, affected by the shock of witnessing the fall of the Twin Towers. This month after 9/11 was a confusing mixture of sadness, loss, fear, depression in the city. There was not much to do, so sitting for this project was a total treat. Like a moon cycle, those portraits express variable human emotions.

The book was to be published ten years later.... Publisher 2011 DBA, limited edition 250

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